Our family has been in sock business for generations, so it was only a matter of time that we would be venturing into our own sock business. 
We wanted to stand out by making bold but tasteful, strong yet super soft and eco-friendly organic premium socks. Following these principles Love Sock Company was established, with the love of Mother Nature, with the love of our customers and with the love of the work we do. We weave our hearts to every single pair of sock we craft. We are Love Sock Company.
Our tagline "We are Organic" is not only an insinuation to the organic cotton used in our socks, but also is a reference to our work ethics and practices.  We are a different sock company. We use GOTS certified organic cotton only, which means it’s grown without pesticides or chemicals. Our socks are made with superior craftsmanship – by happy people with fair wages and normal working hours. As logical as that may sound, we are however a rare exception.
Our socks are crafted using the premium quality organic cotton. Our designers follow the new design and color trends and create unique socks for every occasion. We weave our socks with 200 needles.  What does this mean?  Think of it like the thread count on your bed sheets.  200 is the highest gauge used for socks, meaning that your sock will be finer and softer but also stronger due to the density of the stitching.  You will notice that Polyamide and Elastane feature in some of our socks.  Polyamide is utilized to strengthen the heel and toe area where your sock gets the most wear.  Elastane is used around the cuff to keep your socks up.  Where possible we use natural fibers as the dominant composition and only where technically needed do we add anything man-made. 
Detailed information about fabrics and composition of all socks can be found on each product's page.
The time has long been overdue to recognize the importance that socks should have in your wardrobe’s ranking. Socks are something so small yet capable of a great deal of accomplishment as well as destruction, and yet most men neglect attention to them.
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Thank you for choosing Love Sock Company.